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Our Team

Certified Physical Therapist and Care Taker


Dr. Neha Sehgal

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Rose Anne Lajara

Occupational Therapist

Emilia Wilman

Physical Therapy Assistant

Marlene Delgado

Licensed Massage Therapist

Gena Aziz


Noha Guirgis


Physical therapy deals with the enhancement, preservation, or restoration of Physical function or Restoration of movement of any such body part that has been threatened by disease, any kind of injury, or disability.  At advanced care physical therapy center, mill town NJ We believe that Our patients require Full support in regaining complete health and Wellness through our valuable services for physical therapy. We provide physical exercises, massage, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises EPAT treatment, by using required devices and giving education and training to the patient.

We provide world class treatment by our verified licensed physical therapist at our center in Milltown NJ. Our certified physical therapists do an evaluation and it keeps a record of patients’ progress.  All kinds of Preventive care, rehabilitation, or any kind of treatment for chronic conditions, injuries, or illness is given at our clinic.

Our certified physical therapist assists all kinds of patients having knee injuries,  joint replacements, neck pain, back pain, fractures, musculoskeletal problems, or any kind of neurological problems, etc.  We provide licensed physical therapist for treatment that helps our patients to gain a long-term recovery.  For a few treatments we use, traction, short wave therapy, and many more as per the situation and condition of the patient.

We are located at East Brunswick/Milltown and our owner Ms. Neha Is leading a team of certified physical therapists having a hands-on year of experience, and core expertise in licensed physical therapist for treatment of all kinds of physical therapies.  We believe that imparting is effective knowledge in restoring functional ability by relieving any kind of pain, or reinstating the movement, can give a new Life to our precious patients.  If you are with us, you are in the best hands.