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Welcome To Advanced Care Physical Therapy

Living in a fast-paced world make people prone to accidents and injuries. However, since they have little time to recuperate, the recovery process is needed to be even effective and faster. It is true that your body is capable of healing itself, but sometimes it needs external support for quicker and highly effective healing. This is where physical therapy comes in.

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Our Services

Sports Injuries

Although sports is very essential and we should make it an integral part of our lives, it also entails injuries. Every sport is associated with some kind of injury risk

Work Injuries

Treating people who have suffered work injuries is among our specialties. Individuals injured while working, need to overcome their injury

Pediatric Injuries

We have designed our Pediatric Therapy programs in such a way that they facilitate in making your child’s life much easier and better.

Spine and Extremities

With constant advances in medical techniques & practices for spinal cord injuries , the options related to spinal cord injury have grown manifold.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative rehabilitation is a progressive process and may take too long. The recovery period is different for different types of surgeries.

Neurological Impairments

The central nervous system can be impacted by hundreds of neurological conditions, which, in turn, could affect muscle control, balance, flexibility, walking etc.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents injuries could be awful, leading to immense stress and pain. The effects come to hinder the everyday life of the victim and progress over time.

Preventative Care

Preventive care has become a critical aspect of today’s healthcare system, and physical therapy plays a significant role in health and wellness improvement.


Physical therapy for geriatric population emphasizes optimizing the functions of the aging adult. With age, one’s body experiences wear and tear.

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy helps in healing injuries and disorders of the upper extremity.

What patients say about Advanced Care Physical Therapy

  • Within a few weeks, I knew I made the right decision to come to them. My doctor, Dr. Neha and her staff treated me really well. Highly recommended.

  • Manual therapy at Advanced Care Physical Therapy was very effective. Thanks for helping me regain mobility.

  • Thanks to Dr. Neha and her staff. Within 21 days of treatment, I have regained my confidence to live a healthy lifestyle after the accident.

  • I was searching for a physical therapist for back pain in Milltown when I came to know about Dr. Neha. She checked my reports and did a thorough diagnosis before starting the treatment. Thanks to her that I got rid of back pain and the painkillers.

  • I was having severe lower back pain. It got reduced by 70% in a week. Thanks to all the therapists of Advanced Care Physical Therapy for physical therapy and massage therapy.

  • I came to know about Advanced Care Physical Therapy while searching for pediatric physical therapy near me. My toddler was having body balancing problem. Dr. Neha examined my baby and shared with me the treatment plan for the development and strengthening of his muscles. At the end of the treatment, we were also trained for home exercises to be done on a regular basis as a preventive measure.