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Spine and Extremities

Spine and Extremities

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With constant advanced care physical therapy in medical techniques and practices for spinal cord injuries (SCIs), the options related to spinal cord injury physical therapy treatments have grown manifold.

Our physical therapists help patients with spinal cord injury in improving their mobility, preventing the risk of further spinal cord damage, and managing their pain. Our skilled therapy techniques not only relieve pain but also at the same time improve circulation, motion and nerve conduction to & from the spine.

Early intervention is paramount for effective spinal cord injury treatment. It helps in attaining optimal recovery. It is also important to access continued care and rehabilitation for patients. We suggest the desired treatment type based on our thorough diagnosis of the level of spinal cord damage. We always lay emphasis on the discussion between patients and the physician before starting the spinal cord injury physical therapy treatment.

Our physical treatments range includes –

Massage Therapy
Joint Manipulation
Muscle Stretching
Partial Cord Syndromes
Hip Pain
Muscle Spasms