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Spine and Extremities

Physical Therapy for Back Pain – Spine and Extremities

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With constant advanced care physical therapy in medical techniques and practices for spinal cord injuries (SCIs), the options related to physical therapy for back pain treatments have grown manifold.

Our physical therapists help patients with spinal cord injury in improving their mobility, preventing the risk of further spinal cord damage, and managing their pain. Our skilled therapy techniques not only relieve pain but also at the same time improve circulation, motion and nerve conduction to & from the spine.

Early intervention is paramount for effective spinal cord injury treatment. It helps in attaining optimal recovery. It is also important to access continued care and rehabilitation for patients. We suggest the desired treatment type based on our thorough diagnosis of the level of spinal cord damage. We always lay emphasis on the discussion between patients and the physician before starting the physical therapy for back pain.

Our physical therapy for back pain treatments range includes –

Massage Therapy
Joint Manipulation
Muscle Stretching
Partial Cord Syndromes
Hip Pain
Muscle Spasms

Spinal cord injuries highly impact the Physical activity of any person making it hard to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, sometimes it can also hamper the emotional well-being of the person.

At Advanced care therapy in Milltown NJ, we have a team of highly efficient, experienced, caring, and certified physical therapists who examine patients for any spine and extremities pain treatment. They first discuss the patient’s history and with proper physical examination, they advise and carry forward the treatment plan.

Our Physical treatment for Spine and extremities pain include:

Stretching of the muscles with proper exercises is very important to treat lower back pain which emerges as a result of spine injury mostly. While exercising the main focus is on the stretching of back muscles, abdominal muscles, legs, and hips. Our physical therapists at Advanced care therapy in Milltown, New Jersey have the expertise and experience to design a stretching routine for their patients which provides relief and results gradually.
Massage therapy can help patients with spinal injury achieve relief. It relaxes muscles tissues, increases
blood flow reduces stiffness, and result in increased mobility.

Joint Manipulation therapy can be performed manually or by applying a device to a joint to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

Hip Pain is one condition that needs to be treated on priority if it is recurring and chronic as it can get worse with time. To reduce hip pain, improve strength and mobility there are few exercises that are followed by Physical therapists. Few exercises like Hip Bridges, Squats, Hip Extensions, Hip stretches, and Hip abduction are performed on patients with the help of our physical therapists. Gradually these exercises under the proper supervision of our Physical therapy experts at Advanced care Milltown NJ give the best results and results in full recovery.