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Neurological Physical Therapist

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The central nervous system can be impacted by hundreds of neurological conditions, which, in turn, could affect muscle control, balance, flexibility, walking, muscle function, spasticity, and pain. When there is any damage done to the central nervous system, like the spinal cord or brain, the messages passed from your brain do not reach the affected body parts. This leads to uncoordinated movement, numbness, weak muscles, loss of movement, and spasms or twitches. This is where physical therapy comes into effect, helping patients to overcome these neurological conditions after proper treatment.

Physical therapy for neurological impairments needs a personal, direct approach. At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, we work with patients towards neurological rehabilitation and improvement of muscle use and freedom. Our experts gel with their patients very closely which further improves the treatment outcome.

Our physical therapy treatment plan is designed as per individual cases along with consultation with your physician. And for progressive neurological conditions, we provide treatments for any stage.

During neurological impairment physical therapy sessions, our neurological physical therapist performs manual manipulation and massage therapy for stimulating the muscles, promoting relaxation, and enhancing circulation to body areas. At the same time, we also advise mobility aids in order to help you move around easily.

Physical therapy for neurological conditions requires patients to continue with the exercises between sessions. These exercises may vary from light to robust as per the patient’s recovery goals. Proper physical activity is a must when it comes to gaining strength and reinstating flexibility while giving you different mental benefits as well. We work to set you free from the limitations forced by neurological conditions. If you or a loved one is affected by neurological conditions, get in touch with our experts immediately for long-term recovery.

Consultant For the best Physical Therapist in Milltown NJ

Busy routine, hectic life, and some bad accidents can cause severe body pain which needs timely treatment and therapy. People these days have less time and knowledge of exercising and treating such conditions, as a result, this pain becomes chronic in nature resulting in for the person to have proper treatment and attention by an expert Physical therapist.

At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, our trained physical therapist once assigned to you will listen to your problem first, discuss it, and find the root cause of the pain that needs treatment. They will then evaluate your everyday activities and plan treatment for your pain, stiffness, or inflammation by using techniques like heat, cold or electric stimulation, or even manual therapies if needed that include exercises and stretching. Your improvement will be evaluated each day based on the planned treatment and your progress will be tracked by a neurological impairment Physical therapist at our Milltown NJ location. You will then receive recommendations from our physical therapist about self-management and improvement. The whole process of consultation and treatment is very effective, hassle-free, and is result-oriented.

Benefits of Neurological impairment Physical Therapy at Advanced Care Physical Therapy Milltown NJ:

Neurological impairment physical therapy at Advanced Care Physical Therapy Milltown NJ can eliminate the need for surgery and can save you from post-surgical problems and recovery. Apart from that, you wouldn’t need to take a heavy dose of harmful medicines. You will improve your balance and confidence for sure. If you have an injury or physical mobility problems, you can straightaway contact Advanced Care Physical Therapy.