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COVID-19 Health And Safety Information

Physical therapy has been deemed an “essential service” during the COVID-19 crisis, and Advanced Care Physical Therapy remains open to serve all patients who are in pain, and in need of rehab from surgery or have delayed surgeries. All clinics are observing regular operating hours and are available by appointment for additional hours if necessary –

The safety of our patients and staff is always our Number One Priority, so in addition to our normal high standards of cleanliness, we are following all COVID19 Guidelines  and taking extra precautions to ensure the healthiest environment for everyone entering our clinics.

We are observing the following protocols strictly –


We utilize industrial grade sanitizing and disinfecting liquids and follow all instructions for disinfecting surfaces.

In addition to our regular cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment and high traffic areas in gym and waiting areas throughout the day and after each patient use, we have instituted mandatory cleaning and disinfecting of the front office

Advanced Care Physical Therapy’s standard operating procedures include wiping down treatment tables with industrial strength sanitizing and disinfecting liquids and changing linens between every patient use.


We are asking all patients to sanitize and  wash their hands prior signing in, as they enter the gym space, throughout treatment, and while leaving.

All staff wash their hands frequently including between every patient interaction.

We have also instituted mandatory hand washing/sanitizing “breaks” every thirty minutes for all patients and staff.

We have protective barriers (paper towels, tissues) readily available for handling door handles, faucets, and other hard surfaces.


As per the most recent COVID19 Guidelines, we are requiring our staff, and highly encouraging our patients, to wear face masks in the clinic.

Our policy states that staff members displaying any signs or symptoms of illness, including coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, or shortness of breath are to stay home as per the COVID19 guidelines.

Pre-appointment screening of all patients prior to entering the gym area.

If a patient is experiencing signs or symptoms of illness, including coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, or shortness of breath, we are asking them to postpone their appointments until they are symptom-free as per COVID19 guidelines.

We observe the ten person maximum and six foot social distancing guidelines for all patients, including the following steps:

Moving treatment tables to maintain 6’ of distance between patients.

Asking family members or friends who are transporting patients to their appointments to wait outside of the waiting room and gym.

We are offering alternate treatment times outside of regular operating hours and private treatment rooms by request where applicable.

We are modifying certain manual therapy techniques that normally require being in close contact with our patients.

Although we are taking every precaution to maintain a healthy and safe environment, We also understand for some it is a better option to stay home. We at Advanced Care Physical Therapy is now offering complimentary transport facility for the patients comfort .