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Work Injuries Treatment

Treating people having work injuries is among our specialties. Individuals injured while working require overcoming injury and returning to their normal work and home life safely. At Advance Care Physical Therapy, we understand the problem and coach patients for successful return to work.

Physical therapy for work injuries helps in:

  • Relieving pain
  • Promoting long-term health
  • Reducing duration of an injury
  • Preventing the future injury risk
  • Restoring function and movement
  • Improving strength and conditioning
  • Correcting imbalances and improving work conditions

If you have suffered from any work injuries, our physical therapists can develop a treatment plan taking your input into consideration make it suitable for your condition/circumstances. The therapists work together with you to achieve the set treatment goals by including exercises and training similar to your job activities. This would help in preparing you better for returning to work safely.

Work injuries for individuals may vary, as some may require more work towards complete healing, while others may establish good healing with lesser efforts.

Our trained physical therapists always put in their best efforts for smooth and effective healing.