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Post Operative Rehabilitation

Rehabilitative Therapy

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Post-operative rehabilitation is a progressive process and may take too long, ranging from months up to a year. The recovery period is different for different types of surgeries. Usually, the rehabilitation takes time for shoulder surgery, knee surgery, etc.

The most important element of post-surgical rehabilitation is doing the right exercises the right way.

Physical Therapy after surgery comes with several benefits, such as –

Promotion of Healing Faster Recovery
Regain Mobility Address Postoperative Pain
Involvement in Rehabilitation Reduce Scar Tissue Formation

For a faster recovery after an operation and to heal the body completely, physical therapists create treatment plans as per the type of surgery the patient underwent. While surgeons do diagnose and fix the injuries, physical therapists work towards the improvement of functions after surgery.

Post-operative physical therapy comprises of separate stages. The first stage is implemented immediately after surgery when the limb is immobilized and the pain and swelling begin reducing. Then a sequence of progressive exercises is started for improving motion, function, and stability. The main objective of physical therapy in post-operative care is helping the patient return to the pre-injury activity level.

For effective treatment, a physical therapist always considers pre-op fitness conditions and post-op goals. Physical therapy is a collaborative technique where patients are actively engaged in recovery. In some cases, patients learn the exercises and do them on their own, while some require one on one hands on physical therapy while others may require passive treatments including ultrasound, laser, electrical stimulation, and cold & hot therapy.

Rehabilitation Physical therapy is aimed to help patients get back into their daily active lifestyle after any injury, disease or illness. For every Physical therapy treatment, there is a set procedure that stands common like examination of the patient requiring treatment and diagnosing the problem to make an effective treatment plan which could help the patient get back to the normally healthy and active routine.

Neck Treatment Milltown NJ :
Abnormality in one of the discs in the vertebrae can cause neck pain. Our Physical therapists with the help of various manipulations and exercises help relieve pain and stiffness and restore normal functioning of the neck. One of the other techniques and effective way to treat neck pain is Neck Traction which helps muscles to relax and
significantly relieve pain. Apart from EPAT therapy treatment also very effective to get well soon from acute injuries.

Chest treatment :
Chest Physical therapy (CPT) is performed by experienced respiratory certified physical therapist at Advanced care therapy in Milltown Jersey who performs techniques to improve breathing and result in treating lung diseases. Some techniques like percussion and vibration are performed as airway clearance technique (ACT) to drain the lungs and improve lung

Rehabilitation Therapy

We provide all kinds of rehabilitation therapy which includes :

Sports Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation therapy is advised for injuries like tennis elbow, ankle sprain, rotator cuff injury, joint dislocation, and Hamstring sprain. Neurorehabilitation: Includes therapy to regain function in disorders like Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, head and spinal cord injury, balance dysfunction.

Back Rehabilitation: Back or Spine rehabilitation therapy helps to recover from conditions like spondylosis, Osteoarthritis, and slipped disc. Some common techniques applied by our Physical therapists at Advanced care therapy in Milltown Jersey include manipulation therapy and core strengthening along with manual therapy.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation therapy is very important for patients who want to recover from the pain and achieve normal function after surgical procedures like total joint replacement (hip, shoulder, knee), neck and back surgery, nerve release (carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel), fractures of arms and legs.