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Pediatric Injuries

Pediatric Physical Therapy Treatment

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We have designed our Pediatric Therapy programs in such a way that they facilitate in making your child’s life much easier and better. Our trained physical therapists work on specialized plans after thoroughly analyzing your child’s condition, whether it is injury, developmental delay, illness, or disability.

Our advanced clinical training, experience, and clear communication with the patients and their parents hasten the treatment process. In order to promote effective healing and development of motor, social, and communication skills of your child, we implement the latest pediatric physical therapy treatments. Children are treated in a playful and cheerful environment to keep them comfortable while providing them with the care they need.

At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, we undertake the pediatric physical therapy: –

Cerebral Palsy
Sports Injuries
Genetic Disorders
Head Injury
Muscle Diseases
Limb Deficiencies
Acute Trauma
Orthopedic Disabilities/Injuries
Birth Defects (such as Spina Bifida)
Taking Pediatric Care in the best possible manner at Advanced care Milltown NJ – Our Paediatric Physical therapists provide the best and most advanced treatment and care to babies and children who have difficulty with their development due to neurological problems or due to any injury or illness.

Physical therapy for children takes care of the conditions where children have difficulty in physical functions like muscle strength, mobility, balance, similarly in babies, pediatric physical therapy helps to reach developmental milestones like crawling, balancing, walking, and talking. Some neurological conditions like Brain injuries, Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida, nerve injuries, neuromuscular disorders are also taken care of by our expert physical therapists.

Pediatric physical therapy is a very effective and safe treatment plan for children where they develop their social, motor, and communication skills under the best and most experienced physical therapist. The treatment program includes stretching, strengthening, balance training, improves walking and standing, and aids in reaching the milestones.

Importance of Pediatric Care at Advanced Care Physical Therapy at Milltown NJ:

Our expert physical therapists at Advanced Care Physical Therapy Milltown NJ provide pediatric injuries Treatment that brings out the best results and timely recovery. In the last few years, pediatric physical therapy has evolved so much and has become popular in a short time throughout the world.


Availing of the various pediatric injuries Treatment at Advanced Care Physical Therapy will be beneficial for your children’s health and development in the first place. For the same reason, people should try and engage their children in these therapies if they suffer from any physical and developmental problems.