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Hand Therapy

We specialize in hand therapy programs that heal injuries and disorders of the upper extremity. Our trained physical therapists have expertise in injury treatments, preventative care and post-surgical rehabilitation to bring the injured finger, wrist, arm, hand or shoulder return to work.

Physical Therapy for Hand Injuries helps in:
  • Recovering injuries, fractures and dislocations
  • Improving neurologic conditions resulting from strokes and other autoimmune disorders
  • Treating chronic problems such as arthritis lymphedema
  • Improving strength and conditioning
  • Mobilizing after fractures
  • Recovering movements after surgery

If you have suffered from any injury in hand or undergone surgery in upper extremity, our physical therapists can develop a treatment and/or rehabilitation plan taking your input into consideration make it suitable for your condition/circumstances. Our trainers provide therapeutic exercises, manipulations, strain counterstrain, and micro-current treatments to take complete care of muscular and neurological conditions of patients for their speedy recovery.

Our trained physical therapists put in their best efforts for smooth and effective healing.