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Auto Accident Injuries That Can Be Treated With Physical Therapy

Auto accident injuries are painful and stressful. Musculoskeletal problems are commonly faced by the victims of auto accidents. Besides hindering daily life, these injuries if left untreated may become severe and make the victim bedridden.  It is essential to address auto accident injuries to physical therapists as soon as possible to avoid complications. Below mentioned are the two most common auto accident injuries that can be treated with Physical Therapy 

Whiplash: At the time of the accident, the body often moves suddenly and faster than the normal pace at which one would normally move on his own. The trauma caused by sudden and fast movement leads to strain in muscles and soft tissues, though without breaking bones. These muscles, ligament and tendon injuries are called whiplash. Whiplashes are painful and take time to heal. Therefore, visit a physical therapist nearby who provides treatment for auto accidents to cure whiplashes.

When the patient visits the physical therapy clinic, the doctor examines:

  • Range of motion
  • Degree of motion
  • Tenderness
  • Strength and sensation

If you’re suffering from whiplashes, whether joint, muscular or neurological, physical therapy experts at Advanced Care Physical Therapy would help you in healing and faster recovery 

Whether it is joints, muscles, neurological whiplash or vestibular-ocular you are struggling with after meeting with the accident, our experts offer the best possible therapy and take complete care for faster healing and recovery. 

Herniated Disc: Just like whiplashes, a sudden break in a car crash can lead to an auto accident injury called herniated disc. A herniated disc means one or more vertebrae in the spine either get ruptured or shift out of place. A herniated disc is an auto injury that is not only painful but can cause complications such as permanent nerve damage and saddle anaesthesia if left untreated.

When a patient visits a physical therapy clinic for an auto accident treatment, the doctor examines the following to detect herniated disc:

  • Reflexes
  • Walking ability
  • Ability to feel pinpricks of light touches
  • Muscle strength

Doctors at Advanced Care Physical Therapy usually conduct a physical exam and check the medical history of the auto injury patient to determine whether the patient is suffering from a herniated disc and its impact on the patient’s well-being. In case, the doctor suspects other conditions, he or she may require X-rays, CT scans or MRI.

If you or anyone near you is looking for auto accident treatment in Milltown, East Brunswick, New Jersey, contact Advanced Care Physical Therapy. We have experienced doctors for auto injury treatment with physical therapy.