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About Advanced Care Physical Therapy

Living in a fast-paced world make people prone to accidents and injuries. However, since they have little time to recuperate, the recovery process is needed to be even effective and faster. It is true that your body is capable of healing itself, but sometimes it needs external support for quicker and highly effective healing. This is where physical therapy comes in. 

Physical Therapy is all about providing effective support to people in regaining complete health and wellness. It aims towards restoring functional ability by relieving pain, reinstating movement and preventing further injury. Physical Therapy requires comprehensive evaluation procedures, setting best suitable goals for the patient, imparting effective physical therapy and re-evaluating the achievement level of the set goals. 

A Physical Therapy Clinic operates on a modern-day outpatient physical therapy practice. At Advance Care Physical Therapy center in Milltown, we strive to assuage pain and impairment of patients through effective and advanced therapy. Our sole motive is to deliver fast healing in collaboration with patients through best professional care based on evidence-based practice principles. 

We employ different types of physical therapy procedures to deal with an array of disorders that can occur in a patient’s life-span, including musculoskeletal problems, neurological problems, knee injuries, joint replacements, fractures, etc. 

Located in East Brunswick / Milltown, our facility has been received well by our patients who rate us attained as one of Middlesex County's leading Physical Therapy Centers. 

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About Dr. Neha Sehgal, DPT, PT

Based out of New Jersey, Dr. Neha Sehgal is a seasoned professional with more than 10 years of experience in Physical Therapy behind her. Hailing from India, from where she’d completed her undergraduate degree in PT, Neha earned her Masters degree in Physical Therapy in the United States—specializing in Neurology and completed her doctorate in Physical Therapy. After beginning her professional career while in New York, she then moved to New Jersey. 

A renowned physical therapist, Dr. Neha has vast experience of working with patients of all ages. Ranging from acute care, sub-acute care, and early intervention for pediatric patients to be functioning as the Director of rehabilitation, her expertise is widely known among the medical fraternity. She also ventured into the outpatient department and helped thousands of patients benefit from her skill in the field of Physical Therapy. She is a compassionate treatment therapist which is clearly evident in her dealings with patients. A physical therapist, known for her endearing personality, the patients find comfort in her company, which in turn hasten the healing process. Her passion for life is infused in the treatment procedure helping the thousands of patients who come to receive treatment from her. 

Dr. Neha, blessed with a natural talent to access a patient’s problem, can easily make out what each patient’s requirement is. She tirelessly goes about her job in treating people with health problems resulting from injury or any other disease. She considers a range of parameters while treating patients, be it joint motion, muscle strength and endurance, heart and lungs functionality or performance of activities in one’s everyday life. Among the best Physical Therapists around, Dr. Neha has a regular stream of patients who come to receive treatment from her.

About Rose Anne Lajara, MS, OTR/L

Rose Anne Lajara is an occupational therapist based out of New Jersey. She was born in the Philippines and soon after moved to Dubai where she spent her early childhood. She then moved to America. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and her Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy at Tuft University in Massachusetts, with a concentration on Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation.

Rose Anne has experience working a wide range of people of different ages, backgrounds, and conditions. She completed her first Level II Fieldwork at Project CHILLD, a pediatric outpatient clinic in Beverly, Massachusetts, where she gained knowledge on working with children with developmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorder as well as children with fine and gross motor delays. She then completed her second Level II Fieldwork at Hebrew SeniorLife, a geriatric inpatient setting in Boston, Massachusetts, where she worked along side other medical professionals including physical therapists and nurses to give a holistic treatment to patients with varying conditions from hip and knee replacements to stroke.

Our Vision

Our therapists at Advance Physical Therapy center are guided by the mission and vision to treat & help patients gain a long-term recovery. We ensure that our clients recover fast and go back to their daily life as early as possible, through our various tailor-made physical therapy procedures. We not only advocate a healthy lifestyle to our patients but at the same time use state-of-art modern equipment at our facility. 
Our physical therapists have in-depth knowledge, backed by several years of experience while adapting to newer methods of physical therapies in the world. Our physical therapists working at our East Brunswick / Milltown centers share a harmonious relationship with patients, which help them recover and heal quicker. And because of our simple interactions with patients, there is always the best outcome from treatment.